Shawn O’Shea

  • Shawn O’Shea

Shawn is currently the principal designate of Whispering Ridge Community School (under construction).  Shawn has been a teacher, assistant principal and principal with experience ranging from ECS to grade 12 and holds a Master’s degree in Administration and Leadership.  He has lead and participated in several initiatives including High School Redesign (one of the original 16 schools in Alberta) as well as successfully transitioning a collaborative response model into an elementary school setting. 

Shawn has presented at teacher’s conventions, CASS and has been a guest speaker across the province.  His dedication to teachers and students alike is founded on the belief that teachers have the power to influence and improve the lives of their students.  These beliefs have lead to the creation of innovative programs and reforms that support and challenge students and staff.  Shawn’s dedication to his staff and students has resulted in several awards and nominations.

Shawn has been a strong advocate of Collaborative Response Models for over a decade and is excited to share his experiences while learning from other presenters and participants.   

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