Rachelle Best

I started teaching in 1999, in the small village of Lytton in BC. During my time in Lytton I taught kindergarten and Grade 2. After 4 years, I moved to the Yukon and started a program that brought FASD diagnostic services to families in the Yukon with my team from the Child Development Centre. In five years, we had mobile diagnostic services servicing communities throughout Yukon for all ages including adults. We provided child-friendly and family-friendly support that included support for after the diagnosis. In 2007, my journey took me to Alberta where I worked in Calgary at a special needs school to start up a Junior High program for students with multiple disabilities. In 2009, I joined the Northern Lights School division and had the pleasure of working at Caslan and Vera M. Welsh Schools. At Caslan, I taught grade 5-6 split class and a kindergarten class. At Vera M Welsh School, I have taught the On My Way program as well as Grade 3. Currently I am the Assistant Principal of Vera M. Welsh. I enjoy working with and supporting my students and their families at Vera M Welsh School!

Email Rachelle at rachelle.best@nlsd.ab.ca