Lorna Hewson

Lorna Hewson is an educator with two decades of experience in schools and is currently Lead Learner and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Learning.

Receiving her BEd degree from the University of Calgary, she completed her MEd degree from the University of Lethbridge in Educational Leadership.  Prior to her current consultation work, Lorna served as an elementary teacher, a divisional lead teacher in curriculum, assessment and instruction, a Director of Student Learning Services with Livingstone Range School Division and a Coordinator of Inclusive Learning Services with Wolf Creek Public Schools.   In 2008, Lorna was a recipient of the Alberta Excellence in Teaching Award and is the past chair of the provincial Executive Council of the Alberta Assessment Consortium.  Lorna also served as member of the Curriculum Synthesis Team with Calgary Public’s prototyping project and a divisional rep with Alberta Education’s curriculum development teams. Lorna’s divisional experiences have focused upon learning support and inclusion, effective assessment and grading practices, pyramid of interventions development, curriculum design & implementation, coaching and mentoring teachers and supporting inclusive practices at the classroom, school and divisional level.

In 2015, Lorna co-authored Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model and continues to work with schools and districts around the province in establishing, refining and sustaining Collaborative Response Model frameworks.

Email Lorna at lorna.hewson@jigsawlearning.ca