Leslee Jodry

Leslee currently holds the office of Assistant Superintendent with Northern Gateway Public Schools (NGPS). She is a dedicated and student focused educator who believes in the strength of collaborative cultures.  The strength of the collaborative culture promotes growth, builds capacity and ensures the strength of programming for student strengths and needs. Every educator has skills, knowledge and passion which they bring to their work with students each and every day.  Educators working together to support all students, share strategies and knowledge and build capacity can only improve student achievement and success.  Leslee believes in the Collaborative Response Model and the positive impact it has on programming for students.

Leslee has fulfilled many roles as an educator and leader.  She has taught a variety of grade levels with a focus and passion for middle school education.  Leslee’s leadership began as a school-based Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) lead teacher and soon led to the role of AISI Division Coordinator.  Further experience as a leader in NGPS includes School Administrator and Learning Services Coordinator for the Division.  Prior to her return to NGPS in accepting her current role, Leslee served as Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services wtih Grande Yellowhead Public School Division, during which she led the development of a focused learning plan and the school-linked team to support the plan.  The Collaborative Response Model was and continues to be foundational in building the culture of educators working together building programs to support student learning.

In her current role, alongside the senior leadership, Learning Services Team and school-based administrators, Leslee is dedicated to ensuring students are successful and students are supported.  She recognizes the strength of collaborative cultures and the sharing of educator expertise as key to the success of this commitment.

Email Leslee at leslee.jodry@ngps.ca