Kurtis Hewson

Kurtis is Lead Learner and Founder of Jigsaw Learning and has been a teacher, vice-principal, and principal.  He has also taught at the post-secondary level with the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge and the University of Alberta, primarily instructing and supervising pre-service teachers.

With over a decade of experience as an administrator, including five years as principal at West Meadow Elementary School in Claresholm, Alberta, Kurtis has championed the call for collaborative structures in schools to ensure success for all students.  Kurtis received his BA/BEd degrees from the University of Lethbridge and a MEd degree from the University of Calgary with a specialization in Instructional Leadership.  In addition to two finalist awards from Alberta Excellence in Teaching program (as a teacher and an administrator) and one of five Alberta Edwin Parr award recipients for excellence in his first year of teaching, Kurtis was one of three honourees for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award in 2010.  Kurtis is one of five Alberta principals featured in Reflecting on Leadership for Learning: Case Studies of Five Alberta Elementary School Principals, addressing exemplary leadership practices in elementary schools in Alberta.  Kurtis has also previously engaged in doctoral studies with the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta, focusing on the role of teacher community in relation to teacher professional praxis.

In 2015, Kurtis co-authored Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model and in 2016 began working with Jigsaw Learning full-time, primarily focused on supporting districts and schools in the establishment and refinement of robust Collaborative Response Model frameworks. Through his work with Jigsaw Learning, Kurtis interacts with thousands of educators annually.

Email Kurtis at kurtis.hewson@jigsawlearning.ca