Kurtis Hewson

Kurtis Hewson has been an award-winning teacher, vice-principal, and principal, as well as taught at the post-secondary level.  With over a decade of experience as an administrator, Kurtis has championed the call for collaborative structures in schools to ensure success for all students.  In addition to two finalist awards from Alberta Excellence in Teaching program and an Edwin Parr award recipients for excellence in his first year of teaching, Kurtis was an honoree for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award in 2010. 

Kurtis and Lorna are the co-founders of Jigsaw Learning, co-authors of the text Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model, and currently work with districts and schools nationally and internationally establishing Collaborative Response frameworks and interacting with thousands of educators annually.

Email Kurtis at kurtis.hewson@jigsawlearning.ca