Ken Pon

Ken has been a dedicated educator for the 16 years and is currently Principal at W.R. Myers High School.  After 15 years working within the Peace Wapiti School Division as a teacher, AISI Coordinator, Assistant Principal and Principal, Ken has moved south to Horizon School Division in Taber, Alberta.

Ken is passionate about creating the best possible learning environment for students, parents and the communities that he serves.  He believes that as a principal, one should lead through a student-centered focus and a school vision should focus on the betterment of the students. Every activity that occurs in the building should revolve around what is best for the students.

Ken’s belief in education is exemplified by his desire to learn.  He has completed a Bachelors of Arts in History (University of Lethbridge), Bachelor of Education (University of Alberta) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership (Acadia University).

He has been recognized for his excellence in teaching as the district recipient of the Alberta Edwin Parr Award for first year teaching.  Ken believes in a distributive leadership model, where his staff “thinks in” to projects and initiatives that best serve students.  Ken’s expertise is focused at the high school level with respect to the collaborative response model.  His expertise also is in developing distributive leadership, facilitating and developing leadership capacity, building school culture, fostering collaboration among staff, students and community and meeting the needs of very diverse communities.

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