Kathy Charchun

Kathy Charchun is currently the K-12 Numeracy Lead for Livingstone Range School Division. She has been a teacher and principal in five K-12 schools with many of those 30 years spent in the high school math classroom.

At her core Kathy is a leader with a deep commitment to collaboration and shared leadership.  She is passionate about progressive education, believing  that learning should be authentic, experiential, inclusive, and collaborative. Kathy sincerely wants to shift our primary focus from that of pre-taught procedural rules and methods to students finding their own mathematical understanding while using multiple methods to collaboratively solve problems -thus allowing students to explore ideas and think freely in a classroom that values learning over performing. Kathy lives in Claresholm with her husband and loves water sports including sailing, kayaking and fly fishing.

Email Kathy at charcunk@lrsd.ca