Lana Nogue

Lana Nogue is Director of Inclusive Learning Services with Wolf Creek Public Schools. Lana has taught children with diverse learning needs for over 20 years, from elementary through high school in various jurisdictions in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Her leadership experiences include roles as a consultant for diverse students and a school-based principal in K-12 schools.

With a master’s degree in teaching children with learning disabilities, with a specific focus on literacy, Lana has lead cultural shifts with practices in teaching reading on a school-wide basis.

Involvement with leading collaborative teaching teams; organizing student, educator and parent conferences; and participation in a provincial inclusive education committee have provided Lana with an array of inclusive education experiences. In her current role with Inclusive Learning Services, Lana is pleased to be part of a team that leads 16 division-based Inclusion Coaches and school staff with the implementation of the Collaborative Response Model in WCPS.

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