Amber Hester

Amber Hester has been an educator for over 20 years. She is currently a Lead Learner with Jigsaw Learning and as such works with school and system leaders across the province of Alberta.  Amber has held a variety of school leadership and district leadership positions and worked in a variety of school divisions in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Amber has worked with schools and departments creating strategic plans and accountability mechanisms that would evidence the districts progress towards their goals and priorities.  Her area of focus being to create cohesive teams, system and school structures and processes, and leadership development to enhance student success.  Amber has developed policies, system processes, and procedures to streamline service delivery for students.  Amber created strategic plans in all areas and developed local measures and accountability tools to support School Districts Three-Year Planning process  and School Learning Plans. Amber developed district teams and school level teams to support all students through embracing the importance of collaboration and staff empowerment.

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