Our Planning Committee

Guiding Principles for the Conference Planning Committee

The purpose of the Guiding Principles is to ensure that the work of the Conference Planning Committee is aligned and focused on the intent for this learning event.  Please see below for a list and brief biography for each of our Planning Committee team members.

The Collaborative Response Model Conference will be an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the diversity of individual contexts for schools and districts, different stages of implementation, and the flexibility of the Collaborative Response Model framework through an innovative grassroots approach to learning and sharing
  • Network, share and celebrate the diverse and differentiated Collaborative Response Model practices happening across the province of Alberta and beyond
  • Engage openly regarding the challenges and successes being experienced across the greater educational community, honouring honest and transparent conversation
  • Share and access additional resources and supports from district leadership to classroom practices to support and extend the Collaborative Response Model and related work

The Conference Planning Committee will also be committed to:

  • Providing multiple opportunities for districts, schools and educators to connect during and after the event
  • Ensuring meaningful learning experiences for all participants, with a focus on wellness, relationships and time for team planning
  • Ensuring Collaborative Response Model impact goes beyond the confines of the conference to impact others, including the greater school community
  • Honouring and planning for the diverse audience engaging in this work and their unique learning needs
  • Focusing on evidence of impact for Collaborative Response Model practices for students and educators
  • Connecting with community partners that are committed to impacting teaching and learning